NEW Drag Wheels Low Offset rims

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NEW Drag Wheels Low Offset rims

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NEW Drag Wheels Low Offset rims.

New in our Drag Wheels assortment, very nice looking low Offset rims!
In the models DR20 , DR27, DR41, DR46.

Rims wider than 7 inches and wrong offsets give the right fitment. Stretched tires are essential in being HELLAFLUSH.
So you can lower the car to be flush with the fender and so that you can have a more aggressive offset.
Also a huge amount of negative camber, STANCE, is important so you can tuck the tire in the fender while having a low offset.

HELLAFLUSH is when the tire is actually flush against the fender meaning half of the tire is actually above the fender and the sidewall of the tire will actually touch the fender when you hit a pothole or any gradual increase in elevation.
Aggressive offset wheel, Low to the ground with a credit card fitment and you will definitely scrape 98.9% of the time driving.

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